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  1. I dont really know but i thinks you got to get alot of credits!!!!!!!
  2. how do i get two green dots? i want them!! I will get what i want I will!!!
  3. haahahah]ah
    at least your on!XDDDDDD
    well whats been happening with you??
  4. Oh i get what you are saying your never on when everyone else is.. well its just a game of luck.
  5. Yeah but when im on no ones on and when im not on there on!!!!!!
    do you get me???
  6. what do you mean no one talks to you you have more friends than me
  7. Not bad not bad!!!!
    at least somne one talks to me here!
  8. Not as hard as my bf but almost as hard but i am better at piano!
  9. Well its my second year taking chinese!!
    so how hard do you rock on the guitar??
  10. hey i rock at guitar but i suck at chinese i speak japanese but i like chinese food!! haha
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