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  1. Well I don't have a pic of me on my profile, but I do have one in the member pic section some where.
    As for what we will be talking about next, well I am sure we will think of something... Hows it like where you are at, right now its raining here.
  2. alright i can't wait!! ttyl buddy!!XXD i wonder what we can come up with
  3. I am curious to know if the pic on your pro is you but altered?
  4. Not a problem, we will think of something. I have to head on out right now, I will be back on tomarrow.
  5. If I listen to it I may very well like it if they are alternitive. I like listening to other countries music. Doutch (German) Serbian, and Russian. I am Serbian by the way but don't speak it, I really would like to speak it though.
  6. Oh well thats okay but i ran out of topics to talk about...
  7. they are Japanese Alternative rock but my favorite Heavy Metal band is the Gazette!! I am japanese btw
  8. It's been a long time sense I seen it to remember their music theme.
  9. they sung Ride on a shooting star as the ending theme of Furi Kuri or FLCL
  10. Well that answers my question I just sent you. To be honest I have never heared of them. I listen to all kinds of music, except most country and disco, just doesnt appeal to me. I like metal and alternitive. My favorit bands are Triviom and Scar Symmetry.
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