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  1. The pillows???........................................ ........ (sorry, 50+ charactors)
  2. hey that is really awesome you are already amongst the stars!!! hey so do you like the band the pillows?
  3. Oh, I already have, just need to finish college, at least this way with a batchlers automaticly kicks up my pay check. As for what I do, I help desigen and check red line drawings for parts that need to be fixed or changed for the Predator A and Reaper drone UAVs used by our armed forces.
  4. hey mine were too at first but hey practice makes perfect! Practice practice practice!! hey do you like the pillows by chance?
  5. Thanks, I try to be. Really, thats cool. I always wanted to be able to persue a very similer field as you are now in art and animation, how ever my skills with a pen an peciel are below acceptible levels.
  6. I hope you achieve your dream i know i will and you can do it!
  7. haha your such a gentleman and well my pro pic is a pic i drew and graphically animated!
  8. Sorry about that, some one needed help finding a few drawings that were misplaced.
  9. I went to college for computer drafting and engineering, didn't graduate... Yet, but I am working full time right now at my dream job as a drafter/engineer so I reached my goal job wise.
    I hope for the best with you and your artistic goals, I think thats awesome.
  10. Hey where are you at buddy? *looks around*hey i can't find you? XD
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