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  1. Your Asian? We're on
    totally opposite sides
    of the globe XD!
    We'll i'm writing a essay
    right now.. 5 pages to go
    in 4 hours XD!!!!
    feels like my brain is
    jelly.. I can still chat
    though.. duo-work! >;P
  2. Real name's Ling (I'm Chinese). Friends call me... variations of the nickname 'apple' like 'apple tart', 'applelette', 'apple pie'.....
  3. Oh, I call all older women
    Sama.. hehe XD
    What is your real name though?
    Or do you want me to call you
    Apple? You can just call me PandiCream

    ;D! Welcome to AO btw
  4. Hey, Pandi! Thanks for dropping by my page. You needn't call me 'sama' though. Haha! I'm flattered but it's not necessary. I'm a pretty open person and as long as people are friendly to me, I'm nice to them so feel free to drop the 'sama'.
  5. Hello, Apple-Sama
    I'd love to be friends
    My name is Brai and
    I am from Ireland
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