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  1. Hey long time no chat how have you been anything new going on with chu?
  2. yeah, lol thats true. o.o you sound busy lol well sounds like some of it sounds funz.

    my weekend was good i'm happy that i get to see zach on the 28 and stay with him till july 5th ^^ i just went camping and drove around for a lil bit and run errons for my mom.
  3. its wonderful most of the time lol but as long as you can say the good times out weigh the bad i think that means things are ok

    my weekend was pretty hectic, i had a lot of stuff to do and too little time to do it. my sister in-law graduated on Friday night so i went to her party for a little bit. then Saturday i had my sisters bridal shower i had to spend most of the day at, then Sunday i had to spend the day at my mother in-laws. i'm not really sure why, i guess she was just lonely or something. either way i never got to just relax which was all i wanted to do lol

    how was your weekend? less eventful then mine i hope
  4. yeah, i do i guess lol but thats grate your married that must be wonderful ^^ more grate you been with him for so long ^^ so how was ur weekend?
  5. sounds like you have it all figured out...well at least more figured out then most lol its very smart though to wait until your done with school for marriage. there will be so much going on in both your lives at that point, to throw marriage on top of it too early would be pretty stressful i imagine.
    yes i am married ^_^ thank you. i have been married for 5 and a half years now! lol doesn't feel that long but it has been. i also have a 5 year old daughter named Drucilla i got married about 6 months after high school and surprise surprise i only dated my my boy friend 6 months before marrying him. sometimes you just know what you want and you have to go for it you know? i knew i loved him and he felt just as strong for me, so we threw caution to the wind and the rest is history as they say lol
  6. well when i'm done with school and collage first thats for sure. yeah, sometimes i just go with the flow with things i'm better at helping others then myself sometimes i'm good at settleing my own problems most of the time. your married? oh thats sweet congraz on that^^
  7. oh well late congrats on your engagement lol when do you plan on getting married?
    that is a very noble profession you want to go into. it takes a strong person to be able to deal with their own problems and help guide others to through their problems as well. its good that you think ahead though. i've always been one of those people who just flew blindly on a whim. and who knew it would have gotten me this far in life lol. of course i'm sure all of it wasn't just blind luck. while i may never have a plan for the future i'm sure my husband is already 5 steps ahead of me ^_^
  8. zach is my fiance. well i'm going to majoring in being a counselor so i can help ppl which i love doing. ^^ yeah, some ppl don't really know what there ganna be after high school but i've been thinking it over alot i always think ahead of things.
  9. Zach is your boyfriend i take it? do you know what you are going to study in college?
    i was always so indecisive, i never knew what i wanted to do with my life after high school and i guess i just happened to fall into the roll that some how ended up being the most natural to me
  10. very true i will miss being in high school with my by best frends but also i'm looking forword of getting out to lol my plans after i'm done with school i say would be going to 2-4 yr collage then get a job to ean some mony till a finish collage then zach and i are planning to move in together after words. ^^
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