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  1. well that is good that you at least got something back out of it you are more spiritually aware then you were before and that can be a very good thing.

    lol oh how eager we all are to leave high school. then you wish you could turn back time and go back again lol i am having some issues myself dealing with the thought of aging my sister in law graduates this friday and i guess i had just not stopped to think about it in all this time but suddenly i realized it was 6 years since i had graduated from that very high school. and suddenly i felt very crappy though i don't miss high school one bit i miss being carefree thats for sure
    what are your plans for after you get done with high school?
  2. yeah, that is very true i got into wicca when i was 9yrs old i think i stoped when i was i wanna say 16 i think i don't really remember lol. in a way i guess i'm still into it and all and still have that spiritual connection to it. but in time i got older and stoped stop practicing.

    yeah, i'm 18 i'll graduated next year. ^^ i can't wait.
  3. i have been practicing from the time i was a young teen until now (i'm 24 lol) i actually have my own coven and all so i suppose you can consider me very devoted to it ^_^
    but i understand why some people stop practicing, sometimes its just not right for certain people or things happen that make us have to reevaluate our lives.

    i see that you are 18, have you graduated from high school yet?
  4. yeah, i guess you can say that i'm still into just grown out of praticing and performing it is all i guess. how much have you been and how long?
  5. you used to? what made you stop? just a change in ideals?
  6. i used to study and pratice it all thee time. its fun.
  7. hi jenny, yes i'm into wicca ^_^ why do you ask?
  8. helloooo ^^ i'm jenny how are you. omg your into wicca?.?
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