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  1. lol It's ok. I can't find the reference though so either it wasn't me or I am using the wrong search words. The worst part is I can remember the conversation now I just can't remember who actually posted it! Oh well. The thread is locked anyway. lol
  2. aw! I'm sorry! .. might have been just me thinking it was you - could be someone else ^^;; probably thought it was you because your one of the few on here that actually back up your views with facts when it's needed!
  3. It's ok. I knew it was a typo I just thought I better point it out before someone assumed it wasn't. Now you have me trying to find that reference though. <.<
  4. I'm so sorry Arrianna! I didn't realise how bad that came out as until you pointed it out. It was a typo, and in future..I won't be in the debate and discuss section so early in the morning!
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