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  1. What are you filming for. Also, what is it about?
    Its funny because in The Simpsons, Lisa is also doing some filming. lol
  2. I'm fine thanks. The Simpsons, great show. I just finished some filming for a new video to be made shortly.
  3. I'm good. I'm watching The Simpson. Its a cloudy day today. You?
  4. Hello there, how are you?
  5. That's true, yeah maybe I'll catch some of it .
  6. Yeah I'm watching it. Are you going to see the Looney Tunes marathon next Sunday? Its such a break to the crappy cartoon they show on CartoonNetwork now.
  7. You gonna watch the movie after the marathon ?
  8. Seems kind of boring.
    I've been watching the marathon too! I'm watching something else now though that just ended. XD
  9. Looking at a very slow forum at the moment and watching an "Ed, Edd, n' Eddy" marathon. ^^
  10. I don't even remember what I said. lol
    So what are up to right now?
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