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  1. I see, strange way to explain it. =/
  2. Sorry XD
    I'm basically saying that I never liked GITS. Jeez.
  3. What are you talking about ?
  4. I didn't like that anime. XD
    I don't know about you but Hilary Clinton is just blah to listen to.
  5. G.I.T.S = Ghost in the Shell .
  6. What does GITS stand for? I have seen them all already. Honestly, I don't think that Death Note really goes as gory, you know? I also watch Naruto but it fustrates me that I haven't really watched Shippuden much. I have only seen like twenty episodes.
  7. Bebop, Death Note, Champloo, G.I.T.S stuff like that. These are more of adventurous and action-packed shows than they are gory.
  8. Well I haven't run by any new anime in that catagory. lol
    What animes do you know like that?
  9. Eh, cute isn't really my forte, action and gore is more my bag.
  10. Yes, its has positive charactes and the shenanigans that goes on from the characters make it very funny. Its a cute anime. ^_^
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