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  1. Is Fruits Basket any good? I've heard of it yet never got the nerve to watch it.
  2. Yeah I like the Beebop too. ^_^
    I'm currently watching Fruit Basket and it is funny! I thought Ouran Host Club was hilarious too. I finished watching it like two months ago.
  3. Yeah stop ranting, ranter! ^^

    Damn, I like a whole bunch too many to list. My favorite anime is Cowboy Bebop.
  4. I know. Anyway, so what animes do you watch? My favorite is none cuz I can't choose from the many I know. I feel like I'm beginning to rant...
  5. I was just making a joke is all, I take school seriously enough to get by.
  6. lol! Thats funny.
    Well I'm sure it is but really start taking school a little more serious. Just a suggestion. ^^
  7. It's good but my performance in bed is even better, lol.
  8. Thats funny cuz I'm a senior. ^_^
    How has your performance in school been so far? Not to sound like a teacher but I'm just curious. lol
  9. I'm currently a junior in high school, you ?
  10. I've been sleeping so much lately. But I get my hw done. What grade are you in?
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