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  1. yeskaze no stigma,air gear,vampire knight,code geass,full metal alchamest(i dnt no how to spell that one
  2. So what anime other than Naruto do you enjoy ?
  3. gotta go
  4. nodo u do any rpg forums?thers one im gonna do its gonna start soon called the battle in Music City.or somthin like that.u can find it in the rpg ideas
  5. Well I believe in the golden rule. Treat others they way you would like to be treated. simple enough, huh?
  6. dude there really strict here.they think there all that so they dont usually talk to people like us.
  7. Oh, I was on another forum site for Kingdom Hearts and all the mods and admins are real asses there.
  8. aceman somthing(theres some numbers after it but i dnt remember)hes a mod...
  9. Who's Aceman ?
  10. nah not reallybut my infraction reasons were pretty dumb.i think aceman is after me!!!
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