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  1. Man, I wish I could be a kid again .
  2. My son's four years old. He's at that age where he asks "why" a lot. It's cute though. ^_^

    He's got a thing for ninjas now--especially since I found his old 'Naruto' headband. "My ninja star is my weapon," he says.
  3. That's cool, how old's your son ?
  4. I've been okay. for the most part. I'm just chillin' with my son right now. He fell asleep watching 'Mega Man', so I'm bored, now that he's sleepin'.

    Other than that, I've just been tryin' to sort out my week and am thinking of when I can have some free time to actually be more active--as far as stretching and working on gaining a few pounds for the winter is concerned.
  5. Nah, I don't mind that name. I've been straight nothing special, how bout yourself?
  6. What's up, A-Dub? How've you been? (Mind if I call you "A-Dub"? Y'know, the "I have two A's for initials?" nickname?)

    Long time, no speak. ^_^ What's new with you?
  7. What up sprout, been a while bro. = )
  8. Right you are, I am a practitioner of parkour and free running, most people are ignorant to these arts but you knew right off the bat, good job. ^^
  9. Artist of movement? Like dance, or free running (or urban running, parkour, whatever it's called now)?
  10. I'm an artist of movement. But yes I do draw as well.
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