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  1. yoo bro long time no talk... sorry about that... hope things are going well for you... hey sorry for saying this a day late but happy thanksgiving bro...if oyu dont mind me asking abything new with you...? take care bro and ill see you when you return... laterz..
  2. thanks bro.. will do... i had a good one lets see how New Years goes just hope no drama again lol..well bro take care n be safe ill see u around k laterz n srry i havnt been on lately been one another site srry about that...well take care bro
  3. Thanks Knight. I wish you, also, had a Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year, God bless.
  4. yo yo yo yo yo yo hey guess what....really just guess....Merry Christmas.....hope ur having a wonderful holiday bro take care n be safe k laterz
  5. well thats a drag bro same here nothing good just bordm so how are you doing today? well man see you around laters
  6. I've been fine, nothing too exciting has happened over the week, so far.
  7. im doing ok thanks for asking. and you how have you been? anything new happen lately?
  8. How goes it?
  9. the same for you bro life is best lived when we are at peace with ourself and with everything around us. well bro take care and ill see you around laterz
  10. Well put my friend, life is best lived easy .
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