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  1. the same just chatting with some friends on a new site i joined two weeks ago. this might sound weird but i like the silence and the calm its more relaxing then having all sorts of noice. im at peace when its like this
  2. Halloween was simple and calm, as for today, pretty much the same. You?
  3. ill do that bro so how was your halloween yesterday and hows today going
  4. The same. He has some good stuff, you ought to check it out some time. ^^
  5. are toou talking about edgar alan poe if its him yea i know about him not a lot but some.
  6. It's a poem by Poe, are you familiar with him ?
  7. the raven bro aint that a book? if not my bad ...................
  8. What book ?
  9. not relly ive been on the internet since noon. and thanks bro so did you at least finish the book? well bro see yea around laterz
  10. And the same to you, hopefully you at least did something tonight, right? I just stayed inside and read "The Raven".
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