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  1. Well my favorite of all time is Cowboy Bebop and right now I'm watching Air Gear, it ain't a bad series.
  2. I'v recently been into Witch Hunter Robin, Bubblegum Crisis 2040, Vampire Knight/Guilty, and Hellsing. You?
  3. Cool, so which anime do you like?
  4. Not really, i dont get into many forums. If i do its very little and a small amount that i keep track of.
  5. Pretty much the same, do you come from any other forum sites I may know of?
  6. Just looking for people to talk to as well as share ideas. How about you?
  7. Cool so how are you, what brings you to AO?
  8. But of course we can be friends! It is nice to meet you.
  9. Hello there, new I see. May I have the honor of being your first friend?
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