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  1. Oh, nevermind. I've refreshed the page, I amble view everything now. Thank you once again Kagome and I'll be sure to pay thanks to Sinistra as well.
  2. Each time I enter the site, it still disallows me to view anything besides its message of censure.
  3. Your status has be reinstated. You are able to log back in and view the boaed
  4. It's not that I wouldn't like to, and please excuse me for how inflamed our comment exchange became, but how will it be so that the outcome of this newly created website won't succumb to being dismantled? What could I possibly do to help? I can only suggest that you reduce the junk posting and concentrate on substance instead of flash. Prove that you can provide something for the members that they cannot find or that is better from other sites.
  5. Honestly if wish us the best than why don't you come help us
  6. How do know all of this. We never said it was a better alternative and I don't know who told that we spend hundreds of dollars on the site cause honestly we haven't. There were many reasons why the site went down. I would also like yo know what suggestions you told us that we didn't try and put into place. As far as foxydemon goes I am keeping her in check and we have her on a very short leash. I don't know if you r trying to bash the site or not but honestly if you have any suggestions that are worth while then why don't you tell us about them. I would suggest why don't you just come back and yelp us u have a feeling you wouldn't do that. We liked you very much and if there was anything that you did suggest that we didn't do we r sorry and maybe we had a reason why we didn't get yo do them. We r hoping that this site is better than at was before it went down. I know that sinistra has a loy of work to do but honestly how are suppose to run a site without a working computer.
  7. I find it quite hilarious how you also posted a "Suggestions from members" thread on your site after you'd read the facts I provided about your last endeavor. I'm not against you or Sinistra, I'm against the idea of someone labeling something "a better alternative", offering it to someone else, and that person ultimately becoming very disappointed. You still have Foxydemon blindly following you guys and you've assigned her as an admin? All she's doing is junk posting again, she didn't even know that members were able to message eachother straight from their profiles. It's not about handing out forum positions for the sake of being a kind host, it's about giving the jobs to the people who'll uphold them properly and dutifully. We'll see how this new site of yours works out. Wish you the best.
  8. The board went down because you decided to ignore vital elements to keep it afloat. I came to you and Sinistra with thriving plans to improve your site and you neglected not only my ideas but the site as it was. I'm not judging anyone, I'm laying out the utmost facts. The reason I left your site was because it was making no progress, I'm sure that's the same reason it was terminated. You claimed to have invested hundreds of dollars into a site and failed to be responsible about it. That's your own problem. And what exactly did I not do that I'm claiming I did.
  9. how do you know it is going to be another animereflections. maybe there were reasons behind why the board went down have you ever thought of that. I love the fact that you want to judge other people and you love to just up and leave sites without any reason what so ever. There were a lot of reasons of why the site went down. I also love the fact that you are claiming you did things that you didn't do.
  10. Are you really trying to hook users on this site with what will probably end being another
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