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  1. Boys Over Flowers is a really good kdrama, not certain I have seen the one with Golden in the title. Although with kdrama's they usually have different translations for the title names. You should watch some kdrama's when you have time.

    Thanks for the compliment. haha

    Yesterday I was so tired from work, I think I sat on my couch and then the next thing I remember is sunlight. I don't know if it's old age or just the heat, it's tiring. I think today it was like 103 degrees! And it's super humid here too. Whenever I'm rich, I'm going to have 2 houses in different states so I can live in a comfortable climate all year round.

    So yeah, as far as the project thingamabobber I'm going to start a thread and all you have to do is answer all the questions people will ask you. Granted there probably will not be that many people, we shall see how this goes. I do not have my hopes up for a big turn out, but hey at least it is something.
  2. Hope you know how to swim. Is swimming a requirement to get in the Navy?

    Whats happened to me? Nothing new really, the only thing thats changed is that I now watch Korean dramas along with anime. Oh and old men keep hitting on me, when I say old I'm talking 40 to 60 yr olds. Not sure what I did wrong for this kind of bad karma.
  3. No it was not last year sometime, it was the other day! lol You don't like eating dehydrated meats, wearing plaid? Sometimes I feel like I don't know you at all.

    What! You are joining the Navy, that is no fun. And how I'm I going to talk to you when you join the Navy? I really think you should just be a hair dresser instead.

    I plan to be more active here, because I realize that everyone returns at some point and when they do I will get to talk to my friends that I had made here. I just wish the forum was in better shape.
  4. You think I am polite, tehehehe.

    Did you find a new show yet to replace your Dog the Bounty Hunter yet? I stopped by your youtube channel the other day and there were not any new videos so I thought that you must have given up on parkour. I guess your just waiting until the end of the year then. Any plans for a full beard in the future?
  5. Sorry it took almost a year for me to reply, time goes by faster the older you get it seems. lol

    I don't watch Bridezillas anymore. I saw that Dog the Bounty Hunter got canceled, how did you deal with it? I remember you really liked that show alot! You still doing parkour stuff? You still growing a mustache? Haha

    AO has almost no activity going on, it is sad. However just look at the brightside, since there is less people we can make it our own little private forums to do whatever we want. ^_^
  6. I'm surprised to see you still around here, I had thought all the good members left. ^_^
  7. no i have never visited new england, i do not own a car, nor am i rich

    but it's okie, ive done my share of rambling Lolz so need to feel bad so how ya doing? i myself, am trying to stay sane lolz ttyl
  8. not eager? don't you wanna know me? we are friends, right? i don't understand

    how are you? i am tired an it is frickin hot outside :P
  9. such as what view? oh okie cool an nice to meet you as well
  10. i won't have any idea where you were, i am not active in the forums

    nice to meet you i am Adult Female, my name is Raven :3 you sounded upset? an maybe sacrastic....... idk but as for beilef's i ask because of the fact i have mental liness an can't handle preachy ness.. but n.p glad you wrote back any ways cya again soon
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