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  1. no i have never visited new england, i do not own a car, nor am i rich

    but it's okie, ive done my share of rambling Lolz so need to feel bad so how ya doing? i myself, am trying to stay sane lolz ttyl
  2. not eager? don't you wanna know me? we are friends, right? i don't understand

    how are you? i am tired an it is frickin hot outside :P
  3. such as what view? oh okie cool an nice to meet you as well
  4. i won't have any idea where you were, i am not active in the forums

    nice to meet you i am Adult Female, my name is Raven :3 you sounded upset? an maybe sacrastic....... idk but as for beilef's i ask because of the fact i have mental liness an can't handle preachy ness.. but n.p glad you wrote back any ways cya again soon
  5. i see you visited my profile, what reason did you?

    did you something interesting? how old r you? you ain't religous r you? i am afraid of religion write back soon
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