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  1. Ya that's right, a bounty hunter. Just like in the movies, lol.
  2. Ok, yeah, maybe... But I think the makeup is a good look for her...

    And you want to be a bounty hunter? Say what now?
  3. You should check out my youtube channel,
  4. She's is hot, but a little to much makeup for me .
  5. *Shrugs* Well I have no idea what your taste in music is. She's hot though. Perhaps that would be enough for you to check it out? lol
  6. I see, probably something I wouldn't be interested in.
  7. She's a glam/metal/industrial genre artist. She's really funny during her concerts too... She has a fansite... But oh- she's mostly popular with teenage females for a reason... *cough cough* >w>;
  8. I've never heard of Emmilie Autumn, what's that all about?
  9. No, I don't mind. But I shall now call you Anny. Muhahaha. And nothing really... Just watching Emilie Autumn clips on youtube. Gosh, I'm such a fangirl... *Blush* I wish I could play the ratgame too...
  10. What's up Sabi? You don't mind if I call you Sabi do you?
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