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  1. sorry I forgot I'll tell you tomarrow I'm a little occuppied
  2. Weren't you gonna explain your plan to me?
  3. This is what you want to be remembered for? -__-

    Anyways, tell me your plan via PM.
  4. so I know that I did something that well be remembered on this site so I know I did something sorta important
  5. Okay, what's the point of that?
  6. I mean the most poeple ever on AO now do you get it
  7. What do you mean "breaking the most people" ?
  8. hey man how it going I have an idea of breaking the most people on AO on the 28th so if you want to can you spread the word
  9. It's hard for me to pick something to post on this site. I'm very picky
  10. How come you don't post much.
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