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  1. lol, yes cake is good .
  2. was i being hyper? im confused!*goes to cake shop and buys cake* cake is yummy!!! *takes bite of cake*
  3. *gives you money* settle down, I have no idea why I gave you money, gimme!
  4. huh? im cofused but right now im at one of my blank moments where i can think stuff but it feels like im not thinking anything and every quesion i have is answed with three big dots,or no rerply.but thats because im hyper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Well right now maybe I'm doing something else .
  6. haha thats funny i say something you say ... same. hahahha
  7. Same .
  8. not much. what about you???
  9. So what's up for right now ?
  10. thanks!
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