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  1. Stop ignoring me! It's been over a year since we last talked! lol
  2. Well, I hope you haven't been too enveloped by Chatango's creepiness. I should be more active around both here and there as well.
  3. Because you have been too busy with other things. :P
  4. Why has this place died so hard?!?!?!
  5. Hm, well, um... I'll have to sort that out. I mean, my therapist gives me very true and blue advice, I could just start to miss my appointments though.
  6. Lol well then if you are not sane, atleast you make it so others won't notice too much. ^_^ Good job.
  7. Me, sane? My laughter nearly burst my stomach, at least the laughing has given me an "insanely" powerful core.
  8. Filming parkour? Good luck. lol I keep getting a whole bunch of crazy people messaging me on chatango, I think you are the only sane one on there.
  9. Hi there, Zev. I'm sorry I'ven't been around too often. I've been setting preparations for some upcoming filming next Sunday. See either around the forum or Chatango (more apt to chat here). Peace out, short and stout.
  10. I primarily use Chatango, I think I once tried to turn you on to the idea of creating an acount... NO, WAIT! That was YouTube I talked you into making an account for... and then your channel fled the premises of the site. D:

    But if you'd like to create an account on Chatango, you can add me as a friend. I'm Caeruleanpeace.

    Here's the link. Chatango - Add Free Live Chat to any Webpage

    It's a very simple to use chat to use and you can even strike up conversations with anyone else who's registered. Also, you can specify the region you'd like to target for a chat including people who live close to you. It'd be nice to IM you properly aside from using AO. Think about it and add me if you do so join. ^___^
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