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  1. About that, can users upload their own custom avatar?
  2. Have to say I miss the Spike avatar!
  3. What do you do as a moderator ?
  4. Seems like fun .
  5. I don't know, Anarchy doesn't say "I'm a rule abiding member". lol I'm just kidding with you. Why do you want to become a mod someday?
  6. Maybe something that could be right up my alley, someday.
  7. Hmm... well that a hard questions to answer. Whenever there is an open spot, they just look for good responsible rule abiding members to fill it. It helps to be around for a while as well, so they know you are active and trustworthy. Why do you ask?
  8. How do you become a moderator ?
  9. Oh no, I know the mods on this site are cool, I was talking about another site and their jerk mods. No I love this site, everyone's nice. ^^
  10. Heya, today was the same as any other ordinary day. ^_^

    LOL I couldn't help read your other profile messages. Most of the mods are cool, I don't know how you guys got the wrong impression. I guess you just really have to get to know them.
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