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  1. Only in his work out vidoes! lol I actually saw him in a tux, and he looked like a whole different person. Oh, but it was him.
  2. I know who he is, he's the guy who appears to be a man but when you actually take a look at what he's wearing and what he's saying, you start to think otherwise. Right?
  3. Aww.... poor thing. At least you don't dress like Richard Simmons, wait, you may not know who he is because he is kinda old. However that is the bright side.
  4. You hurt my feelings. l=(
  5. Headbands are not corny! You and your silly fashion sense! hahaha
  6. I used to have a full head of hair, but I got sick of it so I just shaved it down. I'd rather wear a bandanna a sweat band is kind of corny, lol.
  7. Why not wear a sweat band then? I still think you should show off your hair before you do go bald someday.
  8. I'm not going bald, I prefer a shaved head, I'm only 17 for crying out loud. The rag is for keeping sweat outta my face and just for style.
  9. I know, I so distracted by the dirt though! Next time you should bring a change of clothes. And why do you wear a bandanna on your head? That is what men who are going bald wear.
  10. lol, it's what I do after the stretching is what really matters though.
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