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  1. I do too, I saw your last video. The one where you were stretching on the ground and got yourself all dirty.
  2. You don't sign on to youtube much, lol ^^
  3. Hey Zev .
  4. I did. If you check my channel you'll see my latest parkour video.
  5. Hey, yeah I have been really busy. Make any new video's lately?
  6. Haven't seen you in a while, how ya been? Busy I bet.
  7. It's sort of funny how this interest became to be. As you know, I'm a fan of Cowboy Bebop and the main characters are bounty hunters and so I thought to myself, this is cool. Later on my interest was like in the back of my mind but then I discovered Dog The Bounty Hunter and then my fascination grew. So in the future I plan to become a bounty hunter.
  8. You know, I think bounty hunting is a very stable income. What makes you want to be a bounty hunter anyways?
  9. How's it ?
  10. I just have a lot of stuff to do, I rarely have time to write much. Thanks though. Well am off to work. See ya later.
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