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  1. That poem you wrote was good, why don't you post them more often?
  2. I've had my share of injuries, I take them in stride though. It's all apart of the experience.

    Btw, thanks for subscribing to my channel.
  3. Well I guess you just have a lot of skills then, cooking and jumping off walls. haha I am curious to how many times you got hurt doing parkour?
  4. You got that right, I'm not a bad cook either .
  5. Yeah, I will probably give them a watch later on tonight when I have more time, I bookmarked it for later. ^_^ Now I know at least you an Jet have the bald thing in common.
  6. Beth really just loves attention, but I guess the show wouldn't be half as good without her. Glad you liked the video anyways, I got many more if you ever want to watch them.
  7. I used to watch Dog the Bounty hunter, just Beth is so trashy after awhile it was kind of painful to watch anymore. Your video is pretty funny, you must have a lot of self confidence to make a video like that. I like the whole one hand on the hip pose that you do. hahaha
  8. Yes that is me, well as you can plainly see I am virtually bald, lol.
  9. Is that you in the u tube video? I figured you would have long hair surfer hair for some reason.
  10. Thanks, I appreciate that. I've still been at my training and making vids. You should check out my youtube channel .

    I hope that doesn't count as advertising. ^^'
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