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  1. well Zach didn't like the twilight moves until he saw the new one he thought it was funny and awsome! so far he likes it. oh its ok lol i'm watching zach play a game right now lol. thanks you too.^^
  2. lol. i'm a weird guy, i'm actually a bit excited to see eclipse.
    well, i hate to leave you hanging, but i have an eye appointment i have to get to.
    you're free to message me whenever, might be a late reply.
    continue having a good summer. ;D
  3. yeah i saw the new twilight movie with zach it was soooo awsome!!!!!!!!!!!! well i have a dr. oop. in july so thats why i have to go back home or ealse i would stay the whole summer with him.
  4. oh, awesome.
    i wanna see that movie, but i'm going to be watching the new twilight movie instead.
    not my money, i'm being invited, it'd be rude to ask to watch something else, y'know.
    can't wait for the fourth of july, it's going to be fun.
    lol. you can't stay at his place? :3
  5. might be going swimming, see the new avatar last airbender movie, then on 4th of july were having a cook out and my parents are coming to his place and stay a bit and that will be the day sadly i'll be going
  6. lol. that's good.
    er'.. plans?
    well, it's fourth of july weekend.. so i'll probably be around a lot of family.
    fireworks, cook-outs, takings kids to parks, all that good stuff.
    you have any plans for the weekend?
  7. ^^ i'm good my summer is going awome!!!! i get to spend it with zach aka my fiance ^^ so its been lots of fun! so any plans this weekend?????
  8. i am quite normal and boring, actually. thanks for asking. ;3
    my summer hasn't been as exciting as i'd hoped. but, at least it's summer, right?
    how about you? how's your summer?
  9. ^_^ awsome~!~

    so how have you been having a fun summer?????
  10. sure, i don't mind. ;D
    glad you like the picture.
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