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  1. My fave songs is Eternal Blaze-Nana Mizuki from maou Shojo Ririkaru Nanoha
    I love Nana Mizuki's songs!
    Some are in my playlist in youtube!
    I prefer the OST of Code Geass Shakugan no Shana Gundam Seed and GS Destiny!
    just love all of them!
  2. hey, what songs you prefer?
    I also want to know about it ..
  3. hellow.....
    hmmmm .... my favorite song ....
    there are many, depending on the type of heart. if I want to quiet often listen to the song orchestra, now I listen to the songs are Come Inuyasha OST
  4. HEY!Asagi what your fave anime anime songs + AMV's of animes?
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