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  1. umm you dont like my name but my name is special o well anywho thats not just fail its epic fail and i srry for you i dont have internet this summer either so dont feel bad and i have AO and world of warcraft and i hate it when i see someone around my level and am gone and they are a full epics 80 pisses one off makes my chance of getting 80 epic gear lower D: (i know i sound like im talking jibberish to you) but its gonna suck but im doing this for myself yours isnt of free will which will make it worse for you (p.s. im leaving this friday and will be back august 20th)
  2. o i almost forgot what is your name mine is josh (just trying to continue our small talk i like talking to you)
  3. my first rpg was ff7 to!!!XD it doesnt matter whether you strong or not to do martial arts either i didnt have good balance but it worked for me i have good balance now
  4. all kinds of em!!!my favorite is action and fighting type of shows!have you heard of inuyasha i love that show! what about you???
  5. thats cool im not sports challenged just dont usually play sports, only one i like is hockey and ive watch it ever since i was a wee one i also play yugioh which is fun i also play video games at times i only play rpg's and srpg's, i only like games with a story keeps me interested so wanted to know do you do martial arts???
  6. no i dont have IM im a poor person sorry, i also wanted to know what do you do in your spare time (hobbies)
  7. sadly T^T no but when i get back ill message you and im gonna post a picture of myself and my friend zero666mitaki so there is something to look forward to but ill be back and we can message until i leave which is cool
  8. yea i get bleach off the internet im up to hueco mundo and i gonna make banana bread and banana fudge cookies p.s. im leavin for colorado springs in a few weeks but ill be back towards end of summer but when i get back im posting pictures of myself and friends up
  9. your awesome XD!!! ulquiorra is my favorite character then grimmjow then kenpachi so we gots alot in common (p.s. mmmmm i feel like eating banana bread now to)
  10. well im just dandy (and trying to figure out how to make the banana fudge cookies >_< mmmm) wanted to ask you since you are a bleach fan vizard or arrancar?
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