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  1. I love talking about stuff that no one else understands! XD I just went through some "Promotion" ceremony for eighth grade. Promotion makes it sound like a job or something!!!! A JOB IS THE RESULT!!!! Jeez, schools can be so stupid sometimes XD And it's kind of lame, because it's all the dullness and sitting around and pretty dress wearing of a regular graduation! XD I got awards for every subject... because I'm a geek XD Oh no, I'll have no reason to go on AO when you're gone! XD Well, have fun, and stuff! XD
  2. umm you dont like my name but my name is special o well anywho thats not just fail its epic fail and i srry for you i dont have internet this summer either so dont feel bad and i have AO and world of warcraft and i hate it when i see someone around my level and am gone and they are a full epics 80 pisses one off makes my chance of getting 80 epic gear lower D: (i know i sound like im talking jibberish to you) but its gonna suck but im doing this for myself yours isnt of free will which will make it worse for you (p.s. im leaving this friday and will be back august 20th)
  3. Josh... That's another J name! :O What is up with all the guys I actually talk to having a name starting with J!? XD My name is Ashley... or ashes, or ashie, or ashie-Chan, or Hikari, or Chibisuke, or Kitsune... I have a LOT of nicknames XD I'm sorry I haven't responded for like a week, but my wifi's been taken away D: My dad also said that he's gonna get rid of the internet for the summer D: I'm gonna have a summer vacation full of fail now!!!! XD
  4. o i almost forgot what is your name mine is josh (just trying to continue our small talk i like talking to you)
  5. my first rpg was ff7 to!!!XD it doesnt matter whether you strong or not to do martial arts either i didnt have good balance but it worked for me i have good balance now
  6. I only play RPGs and DDR, my very first video game was Final Fantasy 7 xD No, I haven't done any kinds of martial arts. I wanted to, but my mom said it was too expensive I probably wouldve failed if I did, I'm so uncordinated and weak XD
  7. thats cool im not sports challenged just dont usually play sports, only one i like is hockey and ive watch it ever since i was a wee one i also play yugioh which is fun i also play video games at times i only play rpg's and srpg's, i only like games with a story keeps me interested so wanted to know do you do martial arts???
  8. That's okay, IMing is free, all you have to do is download.
    Well, when I'm not IMing or taking meaningless personality quizes on Facebook, I usually daydream and listen to my iPod. Yeah, I'm not exactly that exciting. I write stories a lot, read manga and watch anime, and when my dad's home we usually throw a football around (I just started getting good at catching it, I'm a bit sportsly-challenged XD) My favorite thing to do is act, I just finished up with two musicals, where the performances for one was one week away from the other XD Singing is fun too... I guess all that there is left is Dance Dance Revolution, which is the only active thing I'm good at XD
  9. no i dont have IM im a poor person sorry, i also wanted to know what do you do in your spare time (hobbies)
  10. Yay for pictures!!!!! *is a picture addict of the highest degree* Hey, do you have an Instant Messenger by any chance? IMing is basically how I spend any time I could be filling up with an actual life, but am too lazy to do so XD
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