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  1. sadly T^T no but when i get back ill message you and im gonna post a picture of myself and my friend zero666mitaki so there is something to look forward to but ill be back and we can message until i leave which is cool
  2. Oh... I don't wanna end up talking about spoilers or anything, or I'll feel bad XD Awwww, but you're like the only one on here that talks to me (although it's only been three days and I haven't really made an effort to talk to anyone else XD) Is there no internet connection in Colorado Springs?
  3. yea i get bleach off the internet im up to hueco mundo and i gonna make banana bread and banana fudge cookies p.s. im leavin for colorado springs in a few weeks but ill be back towards end of summer but when i get back im posting pictures of myself and friends up
  4. Yay!!!! Do you read any Bleach off the Internet? I read it off one manga right as the chapters come out, but I've also been collecting every volume!
    Ha, I told my friend about the banana fudge cookies and she made some! > Although... They weren't dipped in fudge. It was like a chocolate cookie with banana somehow in it and chocolate chips <3 it was delicious XD
  5. your awesome XD!!! ulquiorra is my favorite character then grimmjow then kenpachi so we gots alot in common (p.s. mmmmm i feel like eating banana bread now to)
  6. Arrancar all the way!!! I'm a total Ulquiorra fangirl <3 <3 And I love Grimmjow too, he has blue hair, how awesome is that?! And the mad scientist guy (Apollo?), he's awesome too XD Ulqiorra is probably better than all of them combined, though, he just has this awesomeness about him...
    Banana cookies.... Hmmmm, well maybe you make them the same way you make... BANANA BREAD! and then you chuck 'em into a pot of molten fudge!
  7. well im just dandy (and trying to figure out how to make the banana fudge cookies >_< mmmm) wanted to ask you since you are a bleach fan vizard or arrancar?
  8. Sweet! I'm glad to he influencing people's choice in food XD Thanks for the welcome ^_^ This seems like a really awesome forum, I've never been welcomed so much XD Yeah, I'm a total Code Geass and Bleach fanatic XD Um, yeah, so how are you? (such an awesomely original topic starter) XD
  9. waz up saw ur a noob but its ok have fun here on AO and read u like bleach and code geass well u will see alot of me in forums then well have fun XP (p.s. i wanna try a banana fudge cookie because of u)
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