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  1. all kinds of em!!!my favorite is action and fighting type of shows!have you heard of inuyasha i love that show! what about you???
  2. So, um, what kind of anime do you like? *attempts to strike up a conversation*
  3. i know right!
  4. I kind of enjoy these! So it's like a PM thats not private XD A Non-Private Message!
  5. its ok its kinda like a fourum post just ...bigger.i don't use it too much though.i like visitor messaging better
  6. oh, thanks ^_^ I'm just trying to get used to everything! Like this thing for instance, I've never seen it before in any of the other forums I've been to!!! It's like a PM thats not a PM! :O
  7. hello!!!welcome to AO!!!message if ya need anything ! k!
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