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  1. Mmmm.. trying to keep in contact with people, go see someone.. things like that.
  2. lol oh i was telling you- eh.. never mind..

    Oh, yeah I kind of figured when I looked it up and found it. However... i'm not exactly a train type of person.. soo... i'll take the bus. ^^x..

    Anywho.. How are you?
  3. No I knew what he meant. >< I just didn't feel like stating that we may have some relationship issues.. -sigh-
  4. Amtrak? I've never heard of it and yes he does. Right now i'm looking into... i dunno what..O_o

    This is so hard. ><
  5. Lol i know the feeling..

    I think we will, we love each other very much and the only thing in our way is the distance between us but that will change soon whether I can figure out how to go see him or he comes to see me..
  6. Yes he is.. He means everything to me...
  7. Just trying to set up a way so that I can go see someone.
  8. lol, okay... So how are you Eve?

    Anything new going on?
  9. Hi Astaroth, i dont' think we've talked that much but i just wanted to stop by and say hi.
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