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  1. not really exept that i can't play my bass for about a month
  2. oh wow
    im very sorry to hear that
    you must be in a lot of pain
  3. lucky
    i had school today and i have a broken shoulder and i have a sprang wrist it kind of suks
  4. nothing much
    i had off from school today so I just hung out with my best friend and we chilled in center city
  5. what r yoy up to i am in computres class right now
  6. its because i have to type at lest 50 words or letters to submit something
  7. sure a lot of smiles.....hahaha
  8. thats cool thanks
  9. thats okay
    no problem
    i am not pressuring you into anything
  10. thats really cool but i dont want to make you feel the same way i do
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