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  1. hello Kaine
    I know I have not been on here for a while
    hope you are doing good
  2. O_O..........
    are you serious?
    pm me!!!
  3. So me...Kaine is doing allright, could be better but I didnt tell you that I had two really close frinds almost kill themselfes one night after another?
  4. LOL
    I think you did...twice......^^
    Okay..I will think about it
    how are you?
  5. I miss you looooads Eve... *hugs you* Did I mention that I miss you? Get back on some day, and make your self un invisible, because I miss talking to you and everything else of that nature
  6. Hi Kaine!
    Long time no talk!
    How have you been bud?...enjoying the summer?
  7. Hungry again -_- and I think that I have gotten some sun from wearing a tank top mowing the yard...realizing that I was driven to a hysteria the other day
  8. O_O
    thanks Kaine
    that was quite a greeting...LOL
    I am doing much better
    and you?
    how have you been?
  9. *hugs you as many times as you need it* I will try not to gloat too much *laughs* so hows the over baked cookie that was turned into a pile of mush doing?
  10. oh!!!!!!!...........
    you are so lucky Kaine!!!!!
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