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  1. the last time we talked, you took what I said completely wrong.
    Anyway, supposing you'll be willing to chalk it up to that we should still be friends.
  2. sorry that I am late
    but I hope all your wishes came true and that you had fun on your special day
  3. four days and I'm still trying to get a hold of you again. Are you on everyday or just at random?
  4. HEY!!!!
    where are you? I'm totally missing you again and it kinda sucks. So drop by and say hello sometime.
    I'm pumped cuz my birthday is in 16 days. You should come to my party lol. (if that were even possible)
  5. I'll kill you with love genius! That's the only way, goddesses die remember d=
    I also like how you totally disregarded the comment about you being beautiful.
    and I'm better now so YAY ME!
    have fun in Omaha.
    Then tell me all about your adventures.
    And make up for all of this lost time.
  6. you of all people should know Dave that it s quite impossible for someone to kill me
    you are sick? hope you are feeling better
    being sick during the summer is the worst of the worst
    I will try my best
  7. ahaha! I'm gonna kill you right after I get done being sick. Kidding d= have fun on your trip, and take lots of pictures. You're the AO poster girl remember that's your unofficial responsibility for being too damn beautiful.

    Have fun and I'll talk to you whenver!
  8. LOL
    okay worries
    I am actually going on a 2 day trip to Omaha and will not be here
    but do not worry
    I shall be back and I will try my best to message you
    have a nice day
  9. Just letting you know that I was here. And that you're gorgeous as always. I'm off to work in an hour or two so hit me up if you come on.
  10. OF course I remember you! I'd never forget!
    And actually, I've been worried into a ghostly image of myself. Ask anyone who knows me. But, YAY! you're back and i couldn't be happier!
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