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  1. hey how are you? i hope all is well i have not seen you in ages my friend
  2. yeah I know
    it sucks and I am very sorry
    i just have been really busy with school and all
    so how are you>?
  3. well it surely has and i so rarely see you anymore it is sad really
  4. LOL
    and you are does feel like it has been ages
    im pretty good.....just surviving school and you?
  5. hi um i know its been like ages but hello^^ how are you doing dear friend of mine
  6. its ok me i am eh i'll live ^_^ i am just growing tired and drained of life for some reason
  7. sorry
    I have been really busy and do not have the time to get on sometimes
    how are you?
  8. hi^_^ you going to pm me some time its been awhile sence we talked lol
  9. ummmmmm
    what in the world did you write to me?
    was it even forwarded to me???
  10. um ast she is jamie is talking about me^^ but i think she mis-understood what i ment by gap@_@ i suck at wording things
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