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  1. good i have been abit sick but nothing i cant handle^_^ ty for asking
  2. "blushes"
    thank you
    means a lot to me
    so did you enjoy your break?
  3. yeah so am i^_^ and nice pic you got really nice hair^_^
  4. awwww
    I am very glad that you are feeling better
    I am doing pretty good...just enjoying the short break
  5. me i am ok just getting over a cold:P other then that i am holding out what about you?
  6. yes
    you are absolutely right
    so whats new in your life?
  7. *hugs you back*yeah hopefully i stay far from that side :P if i should happen to fall i know i got my friends to keep me from falling to hard
  8. I know exactly how you feel man...
    because i was once is a same situation like you
  9. yup i was really bad at one time but i changed when i realized i had lost everyone i loved
  10. O_O
    I never imagined you as a trouble-maker.......???
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