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  1. I mostly do retail until I can find something better suited for me. I'm looking into teaching English abroad right now. I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better.
  2. awesome!
    I hope it went well?
    what is your profession
    I am doing pretty good
    got over my flu
  3. Sooo how are you doing, m'lady? I'm doing pretty good here. Just had an interview today for a fulltime job.
  4. LOL
    do not worry about it
    it okay with me.........^^
  5. I just have a mischievious streak at times. Sorry bout that.
  6. what is up with the grin??
    sort of lost here
  7. I am doing very well thank you very much. [grins mischieviously]
  8. hello to you too
    I am doing fine...could be better
    and you?
  9. Hello ther. I just wanted to see how you were doing.
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