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  1. hey you its bneen a longo time how are you doing? yes the crazy one is back
  2. sorry I have been kind of down and in the dirt lately (about 3 weeks or more) I feel as if no one wants me around and that I need to get out of Utah and into a state that doesnt care I am there.
  3. lol
    I was not yelling at you????>>>>>
  4. yeah i know hun but still why are you yelling at me?
  5. uhhh
    Nathan...I went thorugh all of that
    you think you have it bad....think of all the other people that have it even worse
    just move on with your life....
    dont get sucked into the sadness and depression
  6. well that is how I feel. I mean wouldnt you too if you had been dumped and didnt have the love of the family you were born into?
  7. dont say that......V.V........
    you thats not true.......
  8. its alright hun I dont mind being hated. I just dont feel like I am wanted here or just about anyware
  9. oh wow
    thats horrible!!!
    im sorry to hear that....
  10. lets just say if it got anyworse I would be dead. I havent eaten in like 5 days, Dee and I broke up, I am not wanted by my family, and yeah life sucks
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