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  1. grrrr
    I know gurl....
    sometimes we hate them so much
    but then...sometimes we cant live without them
  2. Eff quys man.
    Well some.
    I quess they need hints.
    Like this quy, he likes me. I mean
    It's obvious.
    But you know, he's kinda quiet in class.
    Except when I'm in there.
    He's kinda bad.
    So You know they'll never understand us, We'll never understand them.(:
  3. hahaha
    found out that he was an insane lair =[
    but hell yeah!!
    I agree with you on that
  4. Aww. what happened to the last one?
    We're boo-tiee-full & strong!(:
  5. same as usual
    school and work
    plus...looking for a new relationship
  6. Thanksbunchess!
    Stupid internet. Sorry dear. what you been up to?(:
  7. really???
    well I hope things work out for you sexy
  8. It's kay
    I'm on a bit of a roller coaster right now too.
    *Hugs back* (:
  9. awwww
    im so sorry girly
    but life can be a hurricane sometimes
    I just needed some time to get through it
  10. How could I forget about you ?
    You were like, my best friend=(
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