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  1. ello...........there chica
    you remember me?
  2. Wel I guess your theory is correct because it's awesome
    So yeah! lol
  3. thats because it is fall and the whole atmosphere is changing color
    so black just clashed
    at least....thats my theory....LOL
  4. It's ok. ^^ She let me. But just for halloween. I dont like black anyways on my nails. Although in October for some reason it looks awesome lol
  5. oh no girl
    keep it on
    i wish i could wear nail the end i just bite my fingernails and there is no point to it...
  6. Uhm..yeah..LOL. But you know..Get in the spirit early. My mom says to take it off though lol.
  7. woooot!
    all righty then....
    but isn't Halloween like 3 weeks away...LOL
  8. Well don't lol. In other news, I painted my nails black today lol. For halloween..big step for me...big
  9. LOL
    something like that
    and on top of that feel sort of dumb for not figuring that out
  10. Like..get you barely awake? Anyways YAY!!!!!
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