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    had to take care of some problems and issues
    but now I am back
    how have you been?
    anything new in life?
  2. hello ^^
    yah it has been quite some time huh.. np lol
    btw how have u been lately
  3. hi there girl!
    have not heard form you in a while.......which is sort of my fault...LOL
    hit me up if you want to chat
  4. well canadian and don't get the Memorial weekend off...are u doing anything on the Memorial weekend
  5. yes
    so you have anything special planned for the Memorial weekend?
  6. I wouldn't worry about it after all im almost positive that everything will turn out just fine ^^ worries right..?
  7. well....
    i have my fingers crossed....^_^
  8. awwww... is everything with ur family alright though..?
  9. eh
    I am having some family problems......nothing exciting there
  10. why did something happen this week..?....or was it just long because of boardom..?
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