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  1. ooooh
    complicated love life?
    sounds very very interesting
  2. been okay real life stuff and ao and well a complicated love life lol. but all in all am okay
  3. hello hello and hello!!
    I have missed you!
    sorry...I have been very busy with work and all that stuff
    how have you been?
  4. Long time no talk pretty lady! hope your day is well
  5. LOL.......
    thats okay.....
    no worries.........
  6. Sorry i was talking to jess earlier before i posted you visitor message. well if you want to talk am at the flashchat link
  7. thank you for your concern
    I am sorry...I totally got blindsided
    it because you called me Jess...and that is not my name...LOL
  8. you said you're going through a few family stuff
  9. ummmm......
    I am sort of confused by the message you left me
  10. Hey Jess! how are you? hope you're okay. miss talking to you
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