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  1. thank you I am just having some family problems to resolve
    sorry for the late reply
  2. Hey Lady! how are you? What you been upto lately **hug** missed you lots
  3. may be you have noticed lol i was not born patient lol joke !no this time i am willing to wait to lesen the heart aches
  4. ^_^
    yes already have mentioned that
    but like I told you before......I know that you will find someone....just give it some time......
  5. am okay ! hoping to deal with a break up with someone i dated or did i mention that already i dont have that much of a good luck with guys
  6. hello!!!!
    and you can call me Eve
    ^_^...I have been good....and you?
  7. Ohio! Asta! hope you are okay how have you been lately?
  8. LOL
    please girl
    that whole skinny bimbo look is so out of style
    you know the the guys enjoy the curves...........^^
  9. Thanks still have to loose lotsa weight before that happens my friends this am okay but i still feel am on the plus size hard to find anything that fits right or one that doens' show off too much of my chest (blush)
  10. don't worry girl
    I KNOW that you will find someone that is special to you and for your boy
    I have my fingers crossed for you
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