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  1. it was thank God to friends (straight or gay gusy) and of course my ever oving mom and gramps. thank you for the hug. i mean its okay now just that i have not met a guy that can take on someone with a kid dunno bout them but hopefully someone will ask me out and he will be worth it
  2. omg
    I had no idea
    I am so sorry Sara....
    "hugs you tight"
    I can imagine that it must be very hard to move on after something like that happened
  3. he is kyle alexander , well lets just say the story of my life or love life is a bit sad. he got into a car accident when we are a few months away form getting married. you can say i became a widow before the wedding itself. my son is 6/o big person. and well if i could have done things differnetly i wouldn't change still having a problem moving on.have not dated anyone seriously since
  4. wow
    you never told me you had a child
    that is so sweet
    what is his name?
  5. trying to wrap up at work so i can spend time my my little boy
  6. hello
    you are right
    long time no talk
    I have been pretty good....just enjoying the early weekend
    and you?
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