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  1. Lol I have been writing like crazy! lol it's so funny how much I have written for one guy XD but it's all good now
  2. "blushes"
    well thank you girly! and more work and I got soaked today
    stupid freaking trip!!!!
  3. yay! lol ur too awesome ^^
    lol so anything new?? lol like a bf now huh huh?? lol j/k
  4. awwww..........
    well you know I would never be mad at you
  5. I am working alot so yea I am way tired XD Lol I kinda miss this place alot of people are mad that i am not on as much.
  6. it sure feels like it has been forever
    nothing much with me
    just working my butt off...>LOL
    and you?
  7. Hey gurl! Yea it's been like forever hasn't it? I missed you bunches!! heheh so What's up?
  8. "knock knock"
    hi there girl!
    I have not talked to you in what seems like forever!!!
    hit me up if you want to chat!
  9. Lol thanks ^^ I am in a good mood since I am relaxing
  10. LOL
    you seem to be in a very good mood
    I am glad to see some happiness
    it is very rare that I find people that are truly happy....^_^
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