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  1. Nice, I'll be waiting to see it, hope you get it right this time
  2. thanks i juss edited the pic ill see if i got it right this time..i juss hope i dont get another warning
  3. Well, you can edit the signature by using any graphics/photo editing program (photoshop, Corel, Gimp ...etc)
  4. that makes yuh kno how i can fix the picture to fit that size..
  5. Well, sorry bro, in AO they don't allow much height, the maximum allowed size of the signature here is 500 by 115 pixels or 200.0 KB (whichever is smaller), they made a limited size for the signature so that the forums wouldn't be crowded w/signatures
  6. um..i wanna use my original sig..of the biju's..but the hieght isnt do i fix that.? yuh can see it in the favorite kekei-genkai thread...
  7. No Problem.!! thankss alot , sooner or later im gonna need help from someone expirienced and from what i seen on sum threads yuh got alot of knowledege on naruto unlike most i can definitley ask you for a few things that i find helpful lol
  8. Well, good for you, but if you encountered any problems or need to ask any questions, just ask me ^_^
  9. i did but um..i guess i fixed it now cause i havent gotten another warning..
  10. Hey! What's up? I see you got problems w/customized posts!
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