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  1. Yeah there was a bomb that takes out green smoke (poison or something that drains life) it was cool
  2. Good tactic!
    Bad that Medal of honor doesn't have flash-smoke bombs unlike other games like Black hawk down
    But I think that there is a part of Medal of honor which have a machine gun mounted to bomb thrower
  3. I use the grenade as a kind of smoke bomb! I throw the grenade and when it blows up and they're reeling from the blast, I sneak in and kill them! XD
  4. Good for you
    For me: I'm not v.good at throwing grenades for far distance, just near targets; that's why I use snipers
    anyway, practice to get better & have fun
  5. I'm really good at throwing grenades because my friends like to hide behind corners and I lodge a grenade in there and kill them! XD
  6. I'm not bad at throwing them. sometimes I just throw grenades anywhere at the arena & by luck I could kill someone
    & this let me remember once in a LAN battle in aftermath arena when I saw someone throwing grenades in the cracks underground & by luck he killed a few men
    anyway, I use grenades as a backup weapon
  7. I like to play with the shotgun the most...followed by the Sig-44 and the M-1 grand...are you anygood at throwing the grenades?
  8. Yeah Medal of honor! I used to play it before, Lan gaming only & it's as you mention very fun, but now I don't play it anymore
    so what kind of guns you like to play with? heavy guns?
    heavy guns is what I like(I mean bazooka & stuff like that)coz it does a lot of damage
  9. Yep...I'm a gamer...playin a game right now...Metal of Honor: European Assult...very fun
  10. I don't have anything to do, I'm just surfing the net & talking to you
    anyway, are you a gamer? because I am
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