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  1. Hehe, my younger sister is only a Sophmore. I wish I had more time, so I could plan more about my future.
  2. Oh I'm a Freshman so i still have a long way to go.
  3. Yeah same here, this is my last year before I graduate.
  4. Oh I have High School so i thought it would be harder than before.
  5. September 4th huh, wierd same here. Same here, it's not that hard.
  6. It is good. I started on September 4th so it isnt that hard right now.
  7. Same here, just started last week. How is it going for you?
  8. Ohh. I have mostly watched the anime. Sorry about the late reply, I have school.
  9. Oh yeah. I read lots of manga and I've seen a lot of anime, which I prefer over manga.
  10. Oh I know. But I meant do you watch any anime or read manga at all. What do you like doing better? Reading the manga or watching the anime.
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